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Track and Trace - Keep track of your shipments at a glance

Your team at Gava Group is available to support you 24/7 and our personal touch is simply a bonus. In addition to this though, you need technology to be able to track and trace shipments at a glance.


Our robust track and trace software is tailored to you and your team. So, we deliver all the metrics you want to see in real-time and in just a click.

Real-time reports via your dashboard

You’ll be able to log in to your dashboard and track all of your shipments at a glance. You’ll find all the metrics you need to keep track of your cargo and shipments in your real-time dashboard. Understand where your shipments are in their overall process as you see them progress through their timeline.

This means you’ll stay on the same page as us and our international agents.

Access all the information you need, easily

Your online portal and dashboard are here to provide you with everything you need. Find status reports in real-time, any custom declarations and security requirements, and even your invoices. You’ll be able to find absolutely everything you need in this customisable dashboard.

Your portal helps us streamline how we work for you

There are a lot of key players in your supply chain network. So, this track and trace portal keeps our team, your team, and all the airlines, shipping lines, providers, depots, industry facilitators, and agents on the same page. So, we’re all across your shipments at all times, allowing us to provide you with an A-class service.

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