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Protect your cargo with Insurance

Insurance protects importers and exporters. Insurance covers you in the unfortunate event of loss, theft or damage throughout all of these steps in the journey. It covers all types of cargo such as dry goods, chemical or pharmaceutical products, air cargo, project cargo, full containers, and food and perishable goods.

Why opt in for Insurance?

It’s a small investment for protection

There’s always another overhead — we get it. It is worth weighing up the value of the cargo you ship and the potential value and income you’d lose against the cost of insurance, though. Look at insurance as an investment in your protection.

Financial Benefits

Due to the fast delivery of your cargo to your clients, air freight also allows fast collection of funds from your sales, aiding your business cash flow.

How Gava Group’s Insurance works

It’s important to us that it’s simple for you to protect yourself. So, we offer insurance you can opt in to. The major benefit of partnering with us for your insurance is that we have strong partnerships in the industry, allowing us to lower your premiums and any costs associated with claiming or recovering your cargo. We also offer insurance for cargo in transit by air and road, so you’re covered door to door.

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