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Simplify Customs Clearance & Security

Customs clearances and security requirements are complex and meticulous. The Gava Group Team of Customs Licensed have extensive industry knowledge, integrity and professionalism to guide you through the process.

Customs Clearance & Security handled for you

Our powerful software system allows our team to constantly stay in touch with wharves and airports. Our brokerage specialists are experienced in a broad range of subjects related to customs brokerage. We offer:


  • Electronic Customs Clearance
  • Tariff History Database
  • Landed Costings
  • By-Law or Tariff Concession Application
  • Duty Refund Application
  • Duty Drawback Application
  • Project By-Law
  • Compliance Audits and Investigations

The benefits of Customs Clearance Services

Make it simple

You’ll receive one point of contact for the entire process. Leave it with us and simplify the process for yourself and your team.

Eliminate paperwork

There’s a lot of paperwork involved in quarantine and customs clearance. Our software makes everything simple for you.

Efficient clearance

Provided we receive all documentation in advance, while your cargo is in transit, we pre-arrange the Customs Clearances before your cargo arrives in the main countries, basing on local rules. This allows us to save precious time, improving efficiencies.

Rely on us for Customs Clearance Advice

Our team is available for a free consultancy. This aspect of business is often underestimated and can be overwhelming. We’re experienced and knowledgeable in customs clearance matters. We’re here to provide you with our knowledge and steer you in the right direction if you require some support.

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Let's work together

We don’t just build positive relationships with you, we make ourselves your partner in customs clearance and door to door service.

We are here for you anytime

The team you can count on to answer your calls or get back to you, no matter the time of day.

Track your shipment with WebTrack

It’s all about providing you with the support you need.

Track & Trace through your online portal

In freight forwarding, it’s important you know where your shipment is at any given time. Your online portal, where you can track and trace your shipments will provide you with customs clearance updates as well. You’ll be able to find updates on customs clearances and any declaration requirements.

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