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Cargo Insurance

Gava Group provides cargo insurance designed to reduce your premiums and the costs associated with claims and recoveries.

Gava Group, in fact, offers a full range of guaranteed service options which protect customers against split shipments, partial deliveries, delays and damage.

Post Production Services

Gava Group has the strength and scope to improve all aspects of your shipping process -- from international forwarding via any mode of transportation to Just-In-Time and Quick Response strategies for inventory and warehousing management.

Gava Group offers a wide range of post production services and these include co-packaging, labeling, testing, customizing, assembling, finishing, packaging, processing of incoming orders and returns, and invoicing.

Gava Group, moreover, if request, can notify the receiver the moment the shipment arrives.


Gava Group offers a special discount or promotional packaging.

Fashion Garments Service

Gava Group designed for high-fashion garments industry, a "garments on hanger" transport in which clothes are transported suspended from their hangers and, so, the possibility to reduce additional costs for outer packaging and for expensive finishing at destination.

Gava Group, moreover, offers other specialist services for the clothing industry include pick & pack services both for garments on hanger and for garments stored flat (such as shirts and blouses) and guarantees the security during all steps of the transportation process.

Gava Group, in particular, accommodates large shipments into special airline or sea freight containers, while smaller orders are handled by tailor-made smaller one.


Gava Group gives labeling of products with critical information: price, brand, warnings.

Billing Option

Gava Group can bill your shipment to the sender, the receiver or a third party.

Gava Group can send separate invoices or a statement with invoices.

Gava Group offers you to have all accounts consolidated, if you have centralized accounting.

Financial Services

Gava Group offers full range of financial services is available to its customers (payment in advance on behalf of customers, coverage of insurance and customs fees).

C.O.D. Shipment

Gava Group offers its customers the possibility to make a collection of payment on delivery.


Gava Group offers a wide range of comprehensive logistics services tailored to customers' specific needs with the objective of optimizing their supply chain and achieving maximum value for them (costs, inventory levels, response times and service standards).

Gava Group combines the flexibility to create customized programs to fit specific requirements with the financial means and operational expertise needed to be a global first tier logistics provider.

Gava Group designs and creates dedicated and flexible systems tailored to your needs around the globe because customer satisfaction is



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