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Facilitation Committee of the IMO.

F.C. & S.
Free of Capture & Seizure. Clause excluding war risks from the Marine Policy. War risks can be covered by issuing a separate War Policy with an additional premium being charged.

→ Free in


Full Interest Admitted as between insurer and insured (honor policy).

→ Free out

Free of Claim for Accident Reported.

Free of Damage Absolutely.

Free on Rail.

Free on Train or Truck.

Free of Particular Average.
→ Free of Particular Average, English Conditions → Free of Particular Average, American Conditions

F.P.A. A.C.
→ Free of Particular Average, American Conditions

Free of Particular Average Absolutely.

F.P.A. E.C.
→ Free of Particular Average, English Conditions


Free of Particular Average Unless Caused by (stranding, etc.).

Full Premium If Lost (used in connection with time risks for periods of less than twelve months, the balance of a year’s premium being claimable by insurers before paying a total loss).

Fresh Water Damage.

Navigable channel for vessels, often the regular or prescribed track a vessel will follow in order to avoid dangerous circumstances such as shallow waters.

→ Freight All Kinds

Incoterm for “Free Alongside Ship”.

Fashion Transport
Transport of clothing and/or accessories including shoes, belts and handbags in dedicated means of transport.

Incoterm for “Free Carrier”.

→ Fully Cellular Containership

Foreign Credit Insurance Association.


→ Full Container Load

FIATA Forwarder’s Certificate of Receipt. An official document which proves that the freight has been received by the forwarder.

Feeder Vessel
Vessel used for local or coastal transport to and from ports not scheduled by the main (ocean) vessel.

Appliance made of rubber, timber and/or rope or other materials normally attached to a dock or quay used to prevent damage to the hull of a vessel especially during mooring and un-mooring operations.

→ Forty Foot Equivalent Unit

→ First in/First out

→ Free in Liner out

→ Free in and out

First Carrier
Carrier that actually performs the first part of the air transport (air cargo).

First in/First out
Abbreviation: FIFO. Method whereby the goods which have been longest in stock (first in) are used, delivered (sold) and/or consumed first (first out).

Five Freedoms (Air)

Collective term which depicts the five areas of “rights” for the air transportation of passengers or cargo, viz. (expressed in terms of an airline of country A):
Freedom 1: The right to fly over a foreign country.
Freedom 2: The right to make a technical stop at a country C en route from country A to B.
Freedom 3: The right to set down (off loading) passengers or cargo in a country B from home country A.
Freedom 4: The right to pick up (loading) passengers/cargo from a country B to home country A.
Freedom 5: The right to carry passengers or cargo between two foreign countries.
Eight Freedoms (Air)

Indication of the country in which a means of transport is registered through a reference to the ensign of this country.

Capable of being set on fire under given circumstances (Amendment 25 IMO DGS).
→ Flash Point

Flash Point
Lowest temperature at which a good produces enough vapor to form a flammable mixture with air.
→ Flammable

→ Flat-Rack Container >Flat-Bed Trailer

Flat-Bed Trailer
Wheeled trailer or a semi-trailer with a flat cargo carrying surface or deck and without any superstructure.

Flat Pack
Garments packed in cardboard boxes.

Flat-Rack Container
Container with two end walls, open sides and no roof.
Synonym: → Flat

Any group of means of transport acting together or under one control.

Flight Number
Combination of two letters, indicating the airline, and digits indicating the number of the voyage.
Synonym: → Line Number

Floating Crane
Crane mounted on a barge or pontoon, which can be towed or is self propelled.

Floating Dock
Floating structure which can be partially submerged to enable vessels to enter and to leave and which can be raised for use as a dry dock.

Floating Policy
Open Insurance Policy

Floating Stock
Pipeline Inventory

Flow Chart
Diagram, using symbols and depicting the sequence of events that should take place in a complex set of tasks.

Flow Control
Term often used to describe a specific production control system.

Flow Line
Direction of flow in which, e.g., pallets have been positioned and stowed.

Flow of Materials
Flow of materials and components which goes to and through the factory for the production process.
Procurement Logistics

Federal Maritime Commission (Control of shipping acts USA).

→ Forecastle

Incoterm for “Free on Board”.

FOB Vessel
(Free on board vessel.) Seller owns goods until they are loaded on vessel; selling price includes all costs so far plus cost of loading on vessel.

→ Free on Rail

Force Majeure
Title of a standard clause in marine contracts exempting the parties for non-fulfillment of their obligations as a result of conditions beyond their control, such as earthquakes, floods, or war.
Synonym: → Act of God

Fore and Aft Stowage
Stowage from the bow to the stern (lengthwise), as opposed to stowage athwartships.

  1. An estimation or calculation in advance; a prediction. 2. The amount of cargo expected to be booked for a specific flight or vessel. 3. The number of containers expected to be used in a certain area.

Abbreviation: Fo’c’s’le. Forward part of a vessel where stores, ropes and anchor chains are located.

Foreign Exchange
Currency or credit instruments of a foreign country. Also, transactions involving purchase and/or sale of currencies.

Foreign Trade Zone
→ Free Trade Zone

Fork Lift Pockets
→ Fork Pockets

Fork Lift Truck
Three- or four-wheeled mechanical truck with forks at the front designed for lifting, carrying and stacking cargo.

Fork Pockets
Openings or recesses in a side of a container for the entry of the forks of a fork lift truck.
Synonym: → Fork Lift Pockets

Forty-foot Equivalent Unit
Abbreviation: FEU. Unit of measurement equivalent to one forty-feet shipping container.
Twenty-Foot Equivalent Unit

At, near or towards the bow or front of a vessel or an aircraft.

Party arranging the carriage of goods including connected services and/or associated formalities on behalf of the cargo principal according to their shipping instructions.
Synonym: → Freight Forwarder

Forwarding Instructions
Shipping Instructions

→ Free on Truck

Foul Bill of Lading
Receipt for goods issued by a carrier with an indication that the goods were damaged when received.
Clean Bill of LadingLetter of Indemnity

Four-way Pallet
Pallet of which the frame permits the entry of forks of e.g. a fork lift truck, on all four sides.

Easily breakable. Term denoting that goods should be handled with care.

Franc Poincaré
Unit of value in which the limitation of the carrier’s liability is sometimes expressed. One franc poincaré consists of 65.5 milligrams of gold with a fineness of nine hundred thousands.

Amount which, in case of damage, will have to be borne by the insured.

The crime of getting money or other benefits by deceit or trickery.

Free Airport
→ Free Trade Zone

Free Alongside Ship (… Named Port of Shipment)
Abbreviation: FAS. Incoterm

Free Carrier (... Named Place)
Abbreviation: FCA. Incoterm

Free House Uncleared
Delivered at a certain destination without payment of certain duties or incurred costs.

Free in
Abbreviation: F.I. Condition indicating that the charterer of a vessel is responsible for the cost of loading goods onto the vessel.

Free in and out
Abbreviation: FIO. Condition denoting that the freight rate excludes the costs of loading and discharging and, if appropriate, stowage and lashing.

Free in Liner out
Abbreviation: FILO. Condition denoting that the freight rate is inclusive of the sea carriage and the cost of discharging, the latter as per the custom of the port. It excludes the cost of loading and, if appropriate, stowage and lashing.

Free of Particular Average, American Conditions
Abbreviation: FPAAC. Average clause which limits recovery of partial losses to those caused by fire, stranding, sinking or collision.

Free of Particular Average, English Conditions
Abbreviation: FPAEC. Same as FPAAC except that the partial losses referred to are recoverable if the vessel has stranded, sunk, burned, been on fire or in a collision, regardless of whether such losses were actually caused by any of these perils.

Free on Board (… Named Port of Shipment)
Abbreviation: FOB. Incoterm

Free on Rail
Former Incoterm, today replaced by Free Carrier (FCA).
→ Free Carrier

Free on Truck
Former Incoterm, today replaced by Free Carrier (FCA).
→ Free Carrier

Free out
Abbreviation: F.O. Condition indicating that the charterer of a vessel is responsible for the cost of unloading goods from the vessel.

Free Port
International port or an area within an international port at which crew, passengers, baggage, cargo, mail and stores may be disembarked or unloaded, may remain and may be transshipped, without being subjected to any customs charges or duties. (Examination is possible, e.g. to meet security or narcotics control requirements.)

Free Pratique
Permission granted by local medical authorities, denoting that the vessel has a clean Bill of Health so that people may embark and disembark.

Free Trade Zone
Abbreviation: FTZ. Port designated by the government of a country for duty-free entry of any non-prohibited goods. Merchandise may be stored, displayed, used for manufacturing, etc., within the zone and re-exported without duties being paid. Duties are imposed on the merchandise (or items manufactured from the merchandise) only when the goods pass from the zone into an area of the country subject to the Customs Authority.

Freeboard of a Vessel
Vertical distance from the main deck to the surface of the water measured at the middle of the vessel’s length.

Costs charged by the carrier for transporting goods.

Freight All Kinds
Abbreviation: FAK. Tariff structure which is applied irrespective of the commodity.

Freight Collect
Freight and charges are paid by the consignee.

Freight Costs
Costs incurred by the merchant in moving goods, by whatever means, from one place to another under the terms of the contract of carriage.

Freight Forwarder

→ Forwarder

Freight Invoice
Itemized list of costs for freight charges and services rendered.
Freight Manifest
Cargo Manifest

Freight Prepaid
Freight and charges to be paid by the shipper.

Freight Ton
Unit for calculating freight amount according to weight and/or cubic measurement.
Synonyms: Revenue Ton, Bill of Lading Ton

Freight Ton Kilometers
Index of average amount of freight carried per kilometer flown.

Freight Tons Carried
Index of the weight of cargo flown on board the aircraft.

→ Full Truck Load

→ Free Trade Zone

Full Container Load
Abbreviation: FCL. 1. A container stuffed or stripped under risk and for account of the shipper and/or the consignee. 2. A general reference for identifying container loads of cargo loaded and/or discharged at merchants’ premises.
Less than Container Load (LCL)

Full Truck Load
Abbreviation: FTL. Indication for a truck transporting cargo directly from supplier to receiver.
Less than Truck Load (LTL)

Full Value Declared
Abbreviation: FVD. Notation on an Air Waybill which indicates that a specific value has been declared to the carrier for carriage of the merchandise.

Fully Cellular Containership
Abbreviation: FCC. Vessel specially designed to carry containers, with cell-guides under deck and necessary fittings and equipment on deck.

→ Full Value Declared

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