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→ European Article Numbering Association

Economic Speed
That speed of a means of transport which produces the best possible financial result for the owner. Such speed should not be in excess of the maximum or minimum output allowed for the engine(s).

Economy of Scale
Phenomenon which encourages the production of larger volumes of a commodity to reduce its unit cost by distributing fixed costs over a greater quantity.

Europe Combined Terminals (Rotterdam).

→ Electronic Data Interchange

Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport

→ Electronic Data Processing

→ Equipment Damage Report

Eight Freedoms (Air)
Freedom 1: The right to fly and carry traffic over the territory of the grantor state.
Freedom 2: The right to fly and carry traffic over the grantor state and to make one or more stops for non-traffic purposes (e.g. refueling).
Freedom 3: The right to fly into the territory of the grantor state and set down traffic from the state of the carrier.
Freedom 4: The right to fly into the territory of the grantor state and take on traffic for the state of the carrier.
Freedom 5: The right to fly into the territory of the grantor state and take on or set down traffic to or from third states.
Freedom 6: The right to fly into the territory of the grantor state and take on or set down traffic for the carrier’s state. Such traffic being carried to a third state on a different service.
Freedom 7: The right for a flag-carrier operating entirely outside the territory of this own state to take on or set down traffic in the grantor state for carriage to or from a third state.
Freedom 8: The right of a carrier of another state to take (cabotage) on or set down traffic from one point in the territory of the grantor state to another point within the same state.
Five Freedoms (Air)

→ Equipment Interchange Receipt

Electronic Data Interchange
Abbreviation: EDI. Transfer of structured data, by agreed standards from applications on the computer of one party to the applications on the computer of another party by electronic means.

Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport
Abbreviation: EDIFACT. ISO application level syntax rules for the structuring of user data and of the associated service data in the interchange of messages in an open environment.

Electronic Data Processing
Abbreviation: EDP. Computerized handling of information (e.g. business data).

Equipment used to discharge some bulk cargoes such as grain which is removed from the hold by a continuous line of buckets or by suction and carried on a conveyor belt to store.

Eligible Acceptance
Draft which meets requirements for discounting at a Federal Reserve Bank.

  1. A government order prohibiting the entry or departure of commercial vessels or goods at its ports. 2. The refusal by a carrier, for a limited period, to accept for transport over any route or segment thereof, and to or from any area or point, of a connecting carrier, any commodity, type of class of cargo duly tendered.

Transfer of the right to obtain delivery of the goods of the carrier by means of the consignee’s signature on the reverse side of a Bill of Lading. If the name of the new consignee (transferee) is not stated, the endorsement is an open one which means that every holder of the document is entitled to obtain delivery of the goods.

Enhanced Remote Transit Shed
Abbreviation: ERTS. Term used in the UK: Warehouse where agents can transfer incoming groupage/consolidations for customs clearance purposes.

Equipment Damage Report
Abbreviation: EDR. Written statement concerning damage to equipment, based on a physical inspection.

Equipment Interchange Receipt
Abbreviation: EIR. Physical inspection and transfer receipt.

ERTS Facility
→ Enhanced Remote Transit Shed

Estimated Time of Arrival
Abbreviation: ETA. Expected date and time of arrival in a certain (air)port.
Synonym: Expected Time of Arrival

Estimated Time of Departure
Abbreviation: ETD. Expected date and time when a certain (air)port is left.
Synonym: Expected Time of Departure

→ Estimated Time of Arrival

→ Estimated Time of Departure

European Article Numbering Association
Abbreviation: EAN. International body responsible for administering the European Article Numbering system. It has affiliates in many countries such as: CCG in Germany, DCC in Japan, ANA in the United Kingdom. Note: The North American body responsible for the Uniform Product Code (UPC) coding is the Uniform Code Council (UPC is considered a subset of EAN).

European Pallet Pool
Pool for the exchange of standard-sized pallets (the so-called Europallets) in European cargo traffic, formed in 1961 by a number of European rail administrators.

European Zone Charge
Abbreviation: EZC. Charge for inland haulage transport in case of carrier haulage in Europe.

Ex “From”
When used in pricing terms such as “Ex Factory” or “Ex Dock”, it signifies that the price quoted applies only at the point of origin (e.g., at the seller’s factory or a dock at the import point). In practice, this kind of quotation indicates that the seller agrees to place the goods at the disposal of the buyer at the specified place within a fixed period of time.

Ex Dock
Seller owns goods until they are unloaded on dock at port of discharge; selling price includes all costs so far plus cost of unloading from vessel.

Ex Factory
Seller owns goods until they are picked up at their factory; selling price is the cost of the goods.

Ex Quay
Ex Quay means that the seller makes the goods available to the buyer on the quay (wharf) at the place named in the sales contract. The seller has to bear the full cost and risk involved in bringing the goods there. There are two “Ex Quay” contracts in use: a) Ex Quay “duty paid” and b) Ex Quay “duties on buyer’s account” in which the liability to clear goods for import is to be met by the buyer instead of by the seller.

Ex Works (... Named Place)
Abbreviation: EXW. Incoterm

Exceptions Clause
→ Exemption Clause

Excess Stock
That portion of stock on hand which is over and above the desired stock level.
Cycle Stock

Exchange Permit
Government permit required to convert local currency into foreign (hard) money for transfer abroad.

Exchange Rate
Price of one currency in terms of another.
Currency Adjustment Factor

Actual act of carrying out a task.

Exemption Clause
Clause in a contract, which relieves the contractor’s responsibility for mentioned events.
Synonym: → Exceptions Clause

Expendable Pallet
Disposable PalletOne-Way Pallet

Termination of a certain period.

Sending goods to another country or countries. The sale of products to clients abroad.

Export Broker
Individual or company that brings together buyers and sellers for a fee but does not take part as principal in actual sales transactions.

Export Commission House
Organization which, for a commission, acts as a purchasing agent for a foreign buyer.

Export Declaration
Form indicating the value, weight, destination, and other basic information about an export shipment.

Export License
Government document that permits the licensee to export designated goods.
General Export LicenseIndividually Validated Export License

Export Packer
Company that packs goods for export.

Party responsible for the export of goods.

Summary or copy of something written, e.g. used in connection with the log book.

Incoterm for “Ex Works“.

→ European Zone Charge

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